Special Projects Division


What is the Special Project Division? 
The Special Projects Division is Matarozzi Pelsinger's rapid response unit, created to meet our clients' need for express warranty service and small projects like kitchen & bathroom remodels, upgrades to finishes, exterior work, and other home improvements.

Our Approach
The division includes a maintenance element to service the ongoing needs of clients' homes. We develop a customized maintenance schedule for each individual project and implement when necessary to ensure that the home's systems, finishes and moving parts are maintained properly.

Our skilled staff is motivated and dedicated to provide quality service and superior craftsmanship while maintaining a protected and clean working environment. We can assist you with refining the project scope, budget, or we can refer you to architects, designers or other consultants to make your project a success.

Routine maintenance of your home is a key component to its longevity and value. Examples of items on the maintenance schedule include:

  • Deck maintenance

  • Check weather stripping on windows

  • Paint and weather proofing

  • Replacing furnace filters

  • Cleaning gutters

  • Sealing kitchen countertops

Special Projects Contact
(415) 652-1741