Design + Build


What is Design + Build?
Design + Build is what happens when a builder and a designer work together from the beginning. The collaboration - particularly in the initial phases of design - can make for a more efficient and informed design process that yields a better end product. 

How is Design + Build different from the traditional approach?
Traditionally, design is completed first, then finished drawings are sent to contractors. Only after a contractor is selected do the designer and builder have a chance to sit down together.
Design + build respects the skill-sets of designers and builders equally and leverages their combined experience from design to end product. Input on cost and feasibility is available at the very beginning of design, when it is most actionable, rather than at the very end, when it is costliest to change course.

Are you a Candidate for Design + Build?
Any type of project can benefit From a design + build approach, but projects with fixed budgets and variable scopes have the most to gain. Our team can generate schematic plans & associated preliminary estimates, allowing us to quickly define the right path at the start. Early integration minimizes wheel spinning and maximizes the "Bang-For-The-Buck."

What if I already have an architect/designer?
Not a problem. Our estimating department can work with you and your architect to define a process for integrating design and building expertise that leverages our experience with design + build. 

Is Design + Build less expensive?
It can be. Removing the "red tape" between designer and builder can often translate into a savings of time & money during design. Sometimes the best way to add value to the final project means exploring more options or vetting critical issues more thoroughly at the front end.

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