Primary Function:

The Project Manager (PM) and Superintendent co-lead the Project in order to manage and deliver construction projects.  The PM serves as a leader and advocate, working closely with Superintendents to establish project goals and track progress against those goals.  The PM is consistently working to communicate information and issues, bringing issues to resolution, through their technical knowledge, innovative problem-solving, and team collaboration.  

Major Responsibility:

  1. Risk Management – Accurately assess and mitigate risk through administering contract documents;

  2.  Relationships – The ability to comfortably and professionally maintain constructive relationships throughout the project team; Fosters an enthusiastic, creative, can do attitude and shares the responsibility for Company goals;

  3. Project Management – responsible for ensuring that project scope is completed on time and under budget; Key decisions and corresponding contract changes are clearly communicated and documented;   

  4. Document Control - Maintain current contract documents through Spectrum software program, creating links and cross annotations as needed for Owner and Subcontractor change orders, addendums, RFI’s, submittals and project information in order to maintain and communicate project status to project team.

Ability to:

Provide accurate and timely written documentation of project.  Model strong, yet collaborative communication that is both informative and receptive to project and team needs. Build strong teams that work in an organized manner, prioritizing critical and time-sensitive tasks while concurrently working to complete all tasks.  Understand and decipher legal contract language, code and technical construction technologies.  Work proficiently in Outlook, Excel, Project, Spectrum.

Primary Function:

The Assistant Project Manager (APM) supports the project managers, with the performance and operations of assigned projects.  Success of the APM is measured by how well the project documentation is accurate, organized and delivered in a timely fashion. The APM is consistently working to track, bring order and manage documentation that is critical to the construction work flow. 

Major Responsibility:

  1. Project Set-up – Collects all project information, e.g. project directory, budget, schedule, submittal log, plans and specifications from estimating and work with project manager to upload documents correctly and completely in ProCore. 

  2. Document Control - Accurately tracks and processes project documents, including but not limited to submittals, change orders, RFI’s, schedule and budget updates through ProCore; creating links and cross annotations as needed in order to maintain and communicate project status to project team;

  3. Submittals - Collect, evaluate and transmit submittals ensuring performance and prescriptive requirements are met;

  4. Payment Applications – Assist in reviewing project cost data on draft invoices in preparation for project managers to finalize and send payment applications to client.

  5. Closeout - Compile closeout materials to include: as-built drawings, back stock inventory, owners’ manual; provide to Client/Design Team as appropriate

Participate in project post-completion meeting with project team to review successes and challenges on the project and provide quantitative feedback related to performance as compared to the original budget



Based in beautiful San Francisco, CA we are a luxury-residential builder, crafting some of the most innovative and complex residences and commercial spaces across the Bay Area. Built upon many years of successes, high-praise and recognition, we are expanding! If you have sound Estimator skills in the high-end residential space in the Bay Area, we want to talk to you!

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Duties and responsibilities may vary with departmental requirements and specific project and client requirements. However, in general, Estimators perform such typical duties as follows:

  • Evaluate plans and specifications.

  • Identify scopes of work to be performed by individual subcontractors and work that might be self-performed; assemble and distribute bid packages and track subcontractor responses.

  • Assist in maintaining Subcontractor contact lists and Unit Pricing database. 

  • Perform take-offs and counts of various components of a project. 

  • Identify areas where plans lack detail or are in conflict, and prepare Requests For information (RFIs) for review by appropriate parties.

  • Communicate professionally with Architects and Owners, participate in budget presentations; research and provide various options and provide advice regarding complexity of construction and costs associated with various details. Provide suggestions to reduce cost while maintaining design intent or aesthetic. 

  • Vet subcontractor bids. Understand complete scopes of work and how they are related to other, adjacent scopes, and ensure that there are no scope gaps between subcontractors. 

What you need for this position:

  • Must have experience with estimating/proposal/bids

  • At least three-years of high-end, San Francisco residential construction estimator experience

  • Experience analyzing projects up to $15M

  • Familiar with estimating software and Microsoft Office

  • Ability to coordinate with different levels of the team and management 

  • Must be able to read blueprints and handling technical documents

  • Work within MS Excel to prepare a variety of budget analysis including in-house estimates to final budgets that are ultimately incorporated into the Contract Documents.

  • Build project schedules in MS Project. 

  • Work within ProCore and Spectrum software as needed. 

  • Support in supervision, training, and quality control review of Assistant Estimator. 

What's in it for you:

  • Competitive base salary

  • Full benefits

  • PTO

  • Bonus

  • 401(k)

Please send resume and cover letter to