Bolinas Barn


Ground up construction of a main house, guest house, bath house, shed, and barn. The structures were built from a non-commercial species of coastal hardwood called Giant Chinquapin. This unorthodox material was harvested and milled in Northern California and seasoned onsite for nearly a year to achieve its silvery grey color from the elements. The layout, fabrication, and installation of the material were made possible by an intense collaborative effort of the entire project team. Negotiating the natural inconsistencies in the Chinquapin Oak for the finish work and seismic specifications required extensive planning and exacting craftsmanship. Salvaged redwood logs called "buckskins" were hand hewn for mortise and tenon joinery and used to support the trussed roof structure and decks. Our team of master craftsmen also tackled the challenge of carving precise trim features such as the siding, door casings, and railings yielding extraordinary results.

Size | 3000 SF
Architect | Bruce Tomb